The Unley club rooms should be evacuated in the case of a fire, serious gas leak, or earthquake.

There are 3 emergency exits in the club rooms – The front (A) and rear (B) doors, and an emergency fire exit (C) in the North East corner of the main hall. All exit doors are marked with emergency exit signs.

When a decision is taken to evacuate the building, staff will advise players to make for the nearest exit, calmly and in an orderly fashion.

Less mobile players (those in wheel chairs or using walking frames or sticks) need to be directed to the front doors. Able bodied players should assist their less mobile table mates where necessary.

Players using the front and side doors should be directed to move away from the front of the premises. The park 50 meters or so East along Young Street is the designated assembly area.

Players exiting via the back door should be directed to move to the southern end of the car park. If Emergency Services personnel deem it safe, they may be directed to join other the people at the front of the premises via the car park driveway.

Players should not attempt to drive their vehicles out of the car park until advised to do so by Emergency Services personnel.