Patron Emeritus and Patron

The SABA Constitution, Section D, details who shall be the Officers of the Association. It is in this section the requirements are found for conference of Patron Emeritus and Patron to a member.

A Patron is a member elected to this role at the AGM, and will hold this Office until the following AGM. As deemed necessary by the members, re-election or not, will occur for the Office at each AGM. There can be no more than two Patrons at any one time. Currently SABA has one Patron for Youth Bridge, which is held currently by Barbara Marrett.

The Patron Emeritus is conferred to a member as an Office held for Life. A member becomes eligible for this Office after being a Life Member of SABA for three successive years. The election for Patron Emeritus is also carried out at an AGM by a secret ballot of members present, and carried by the majority vote. This Office can only be held by one person. Currently SABA’s Patron Emeritus is Linda Alexander.

The members holding these Offices are those who are held in esteem within our Club. Over the years, they have shown competence as expert bridge players, as well as making extensive ongoing contributions in their service for the development and running of SABA.

For further information about our current Patron Emeritus and Patron for Youth Bridge please contact our Club Manager.