• Member Application Form – Available from Directors & Staff, or On-Line.
  • Annual Subscription fee: Non-Concessional $65; Concessional & Country $50.
  • Membership affiliates you with: ABF; SABF; & Pianola.
  • Payment Methods – Credit-Card Online; Phone; or Cash/ Cheque/Credit Card in person to the Club Manager at SABA Unley or to a Director at a SABA Satellite Venue.
  • ABF Masterpoints Number is awarded for lifetime (in Australia).
  • SABA New Member’s Kit includes: New Member’s Information Booklet; current year Program Booklet; Pianola Instruction Manual; Ethics & Etiquette Article; Name Badge; Bumper Sticker; Fridge magnet; Identification Keyring Tag; and SABA Pen.
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Fees are collected at the table by the Director of each session unless specified.

  • SABA Member: Non-Concession $11
  • SABA Member: Concession $10
  • ABF Youth Club Member <aged 26 – $5 & free on Saturday
  • ABF Member Visitor: $13