The Australian Bridge Federation (ABF) is Australia’s National Bridge body.  One of its main functions is to manage Australia’s National Bridge’s Ranking System of individual’s MP holdings.

MP are won by players over a lifetime, and used to rank players nationally.  There are 21 ranked levels ranging from Graduate Master to Diamond Grand MasterMP rankings are used for determining the seeding and the type of tournaments in which you can play.

This is a very simplified version of the Australian MP System written by Ray Dohnt.

There are three types of MP.

1. Green MP are awarded for club events.

2. Red MP are awarded for state level events as well as Congresses. 

3. Gold MP awarded for national level events.  MP are allocated based on the number of tables in the section and are awarded to the top half for both NS and EW players. 

Whilst most sessions are green point events, each club is allocated a number of red point sessions by the ABF.  The number of sessions awarded to each club is based on the number of green points that the club received throughout the previous year.

As SABA is the biggest club in Australia, we run more green point sessions than anyone else and therefore we are allocated more red point sessions.  The club’s red point sessions are identified in the club program.  For example, in a particular month on a Monday night, and Wednesday and Thursday mornings, are generally red point events.   

The number of MP a member has determines their “Master Rank”.  Whilst some members don’t care how many MP they have, others like to see how they are progressing up the ranking scheme.

Each month the ABF sends out Bridge Ranking Certificates to all club members who have attained a new MP rank. The number of MP each member has is listed on the western wall of the club rooms or can be found in Pianola.  In addition, the ABF MP Centre can be accessed from the SABA website under “My Masterpoints”.  It will show you how many MP you have, and how many MP you have earned this year and how many MPs you need for your next promotion.

For more information visit to the ABF website.